Conditions We Treat

Our new orthopaedic center is the one place you need to go for all your orthopaedic care. 

As Northeast Ohio’s most comprehensive orthopaedic center, we offer advanced treatments for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions. Here, you will be cared for by specialists with years of experience treating your specific injury and who have access to the latest advances in orthopaedic care and breakthrough technologies.

As a team, the surgeons of Spectrum Orthopaedics offer conservative non-operative procedures, arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement, and sports medicine. We also offer on-site short-bore full-body MRI diagnostics, digital X-rays, and physical and occupational therapy.

During your treatment and recovery, our team of surgeons, therapists and medical professionals will be by your side every step of the way. After all, your health is always our number one concern.  

To learn more about our surgeons’ specialized treatments, click the links below.

For specialized orthopaedic care call Spectrum Orthopaedics today at 330-305-0838 (844-469-2663) or for a consultation, use our online appointment request form.