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Our patients say it best! You get compassionate care from a friendly and talented team of experts.

Hear it From Our Patients

David Bush

”When I sat down with Dr. Marshall I knew I had his 100% attention and he explained everything to me like a friend."

Condition: Knee Condition
Doctor: Dr. Marshall

Missy Howard

“Dr. Stender took the time to talk me and my husband. He did not rush me.”

Condition: Broken Ankle, Torn ACL and MCL
Doctor: Dr. Stender

Linda Sorvold

“I was back to my regular walks just three weeks after surgery.”

Condition: Lump from Previously Broken Foot
Doctor: Dr. Seaman

Lela Brown

“From the first visit with Dr. Eschbaugh I was so impressed.”

Condition: Shoulder Pain
Doctor: Dr. Eschbaugh

Mark Cosentino

“Dr. Korpi was able to get me back to NEW.”

Condition: Leg Trauma
Doctor: Dr. Frederick Korpi

Amanda Manson

“We were in and out—that was the beauty of it… Everything I need is under one roof.”

Condition: Volleyball Injury
Doctor: Urgent Care

Karen Robenstine

“After he did the surgery, it was a miracle! I could lift my legs, I could get in and out of bed. I think had I not had surgery, eventually I would have been in a wheelchair.”

Condition: Lower Back Pain, Difficulty Walking
Doctor: Dr. Stefanko

Jeanne Garofalo

“Dr. Seth is the man, he did it! I have continued to improve since the surgery, and my life has improved a thousand times.”

Condition: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Doctor: Dr. Seth

David Burkett

“To come here in the morning, leave the same day, go to therapy the next day... That's how quick the whole process was.”

Condition: Hip Pain
Doctor: Dr. Coss

Pat Seifert

“It was surprising to me to be able to get up out of bed the same day as surgery. I thought that was fascinating.”

Condition: Osteoarthritis of the Hips
Doctor: Dr. Dulik

Janet Warner

“I have so much appreciated not only Dr. Glass' surgical expertise, but her positivity and encouragement.”

Condition: Osteoarthritis of the Hips
Doctor: Dr. Glass

Facebook & Google Reviews

“My experience with Spectrum Orthopedics was amazing! They truly have their act together and treat you like you matter! Dr. Stefanko did a wonderful job with my surgery and I would recommend him to anyone with back issues. Thank you Spectrum Orthopedics for all you do.”
Deborah Blowers
“I have been coming to Spectrum for therapy on my shoulder and then my knee/back recently. In both cases, the therapists have been very knowledgeable, understanding, and were able to explain the what and why in a way that I was able to understand why we were doing the different therapies. Due to the issues found through an MRI on my shoulder, I will have surgery and then return to Spectrum for post surgery therapy.”
Doug H.
“Completely professional practice and support staff. I am an RN and have had my second surgery with Spectrum physicians. I am impressed how well they predicted the outcomes of my surgery. They supported me very well after-surgery, and in physical therapy, working with me and listening to me, to consider my goals too, not just the typical goals. I no longer have knee pain when I walk, and after several weeks of physical therapy, my back is better than it has been in the last year. I will return there if I have any future needs for ortho.”
Randy H.
“I had my knee surgery here and am also going through rehab therapy and would recommend [Spectrum Orthopaedics] to anyone in need of the services they provide. I have been dealing with the rehab department and they ALL are some of the nicest people you can deal with. I'll always be grateful to [Spectrum] for their help in getting me back on my feet.”
Marc T.
“I’m a previous Crystal Clinic patient when I worked in Akron. While they are outstanding I now work from home and wanted to explore options closer to me in North Canton. I’ve been to Spectrum twice, once for my elbow and once for my knees. Different Doctors but same experience. They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable.”
Deloris D.P.
“Very courteous and professional about the way they explain and do everything.”
Kevin Hoffner
“Spectrum was the right place to go for my knee and shoulder surgery! Everyone was very helpful and worked around my schedule/vacation time to perform both surgeries within an 8-day period. Thank you Spectrum for everything!”
Sandor Z.
“My experience at Spectrum Orthopaedics was a positive one. Dr Eschbaugh was very welcoming and informative in diagnosing my condition and providing the best treatment for me. The staff was very welcoming as well.”
Michelle B.
“So far so good!! Finally woke up today with no shoulder pain!! A Great shout to Dr. Eshbaugh and his staff!!! Thank You!!!”
Danny C.
“I have been a patient of Spectrum Orthopaedics for several years and have used a variety of different services within a number of specialties at their clinic: X-rays, CT, MRI scans and other diagnostic testing, physical therapy, and surgery. I have been well served by the Doctors and staff. The techniques used are state of the art and their facilities are excellent. It’s very convenient that everything is available at one location.”
James C.
“I've had really good treatment at Spectrum. Through the last 7 years or so, I've seen 4 different specialists for different reasons and the experience has been great. From the receptionists to the nursing staff, the MRI techs, physical therapists to the Dr's, the level of care and professionalism is wonderful.”
Dawn C.
“They are the best! Dr. Dulik did a hip replacement and it came out great. And Dr. Stefanko operated on my neck and now I’m going to have him do my back. Everybody there has been fantastic both Ohio specialty surgery and all the doctors and schedulers, nurses,therapists etc.”
John Parks
“My wife's left hip replacement surgery went as well as the right one two years ago. Dr. Conlan is the HIP GURU hands down!! Excellent doctor with a superb staff.”
Jo R.
“Dr Shepard is the best! He listens, he explains well and I have great confidence in him! I also have never waited more than 5 days for an appointment to see him….truly a rarity!”
Edward B.
“Spectrum Orthopedics gives superb care to their patients. As I have aged, unfortunately I have fallen a couple of times and have seen 3 doctors there. Just love Dr. Lykins! And the other two have been excellent as well.”
Gail M.
“Absolutely wonderful experience from preparation, to surgery, to post surgery physical therapy. Dr. Lykens did a great job with this total reverse shoulder replacement. All staff are thoroughly professional and competent. Appointments on time and call backs received promptly. First class all the way. Highly recommend.”
Kevin C.
“I have seen 3 different orthopedics and had physical therapy, MRI’s and surgical procedures done at Spectrum Orthopaedics, along with a few visits to their Urgent Care side. All physicians and staff have been courteous, understanding, knowledgeable and taken great care of me!”
Heather F.S.
“I am very thankful that I made the right choice to go to Spectrum Orthopedics, the staff was very friendly and helpful and the Orthopedic doctor was excellent and extremely informative on helping me get back to a normal life without pain, now I have peace of mind knowing that there is a awesome Orthopedics to go too thank you again.”
Sam M.

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