What is Repetitive Stress Disorder?


Tendonitis is pain and inflammation of a tendon, which is connective tissue that attaches bones to muscle. There are many conditions specific to body parts that are also tendonitis, like tennis elbow, trigger finger, baseball wrist, etc. Most of us are familiar with tendonitis.


Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sac that surrounds a joint. The sac, or bursa, is there to cushion friction in the joint created by movement. Stress in this area causes pain and swelling, usually at the knee, elbow, or shoulder.

Treatment of the pain and swelling of tendonitis and bursitis will often involve rest, icing, elevation (to drain fluid) and sometimes a splint. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) generally relieve the pain. Sometimes corticosteroid injections are necessary to treat acute pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Then there is carpal tunnel syndrome. Poor posture and non-ergonomic workstations can contribute to this painful condition. The nerve in the wrist is pinched and compressed by inflammation of the tendons that line the “carpal tunnel.” The carpal tunnel houses the median nerve, and when inflammation puts pressure on this nerve, symptoms such as pain and numbness may occur.

In all cases, relief of the acute injury will not address the underlying cause of repetitive stress disorder. Steps must be taken to reduce stress in the movements we repeat in the course of working, texting, swiping, or playing. Taking breaks and making an effort to sit and stand upright when performing tasks (or typing) can help.

If you have pain or swelling in a joint from repetitive motions, an orthopedic physician can help diagnose and treat your injury to prevent further harm. OrthoUnited in North Canton, Ohio offers experienced providers and the latest in diagnostic techniques to ensure prompt care. Call (844) 469-2663 for an appointment today.