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The hips are two ball-and-socket joints where your femurs (thigh bones) meet your pelvis (hip bone). These are two incredibly strong joints that take a lot of force to become injured. However, overuse, sports, and diseases such as osteoporosis take a toll on the hip joints and can lead to injury.

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Hip Conditions & Injuries We Treat

At Spectrum Orthopaedics, we treat a variety of hip conditions ranging from simple to complex. The area’s best orthopaedic surgeons work together to come up with the right treatment plan for your hip condition. Don’t see your specific condition on the list? Give us a call to schedule a consultation with one of our hip doctors!

  • Acute and overuse injuries - Strains and sprains to the hip may occur due to overuse doing everyday activities. They often start out as microscopic tears that can worsen if not treated. Chronic overuse may lead to hip tendonitis or hip bursitis.
  • Sports injuries - Hip tendonitis is the most common sports-related hip injury, which causes stiffness, swelling, and inflammation in the hip.
  • Hip fracture - A hip fracture is a break in the upper portion of the femur (thighbone). Hip fractures commonly occur in elderly patients with bones weakened by osteoporosis, but may also occur in younger patients due to a fall or traumatic event.
  • Hip dislocation - A hip dislocation occurs when the ball joint of your hip comes out of its socket, due to a traumatic event.
  • Hip labral tears - Labral tears occur when the cartilage in your hip that lines the socket has detached or torn.
  • Hip impingement - Hip impingement occurs when extra bone grows along one or both of the bones that form the hip joint.
  • Avascular necrosis - This is a condition in which the bone tissue of the hip begins to die off and decay.
  • Synovitis - Synovitis occurs when the synovium, or connective tissue that lines the inside of the joint capsule, becomes inflamed.
  • Infection - Infection of the hip is most commonly seen in patients after hip surgery, but can also occur due to viruses, bacteria, and fungi as well as a condition called septic arthritis of the hip.
  • Abnormalities and congenital deformities - Hip abnormalities include any kind of condition of the hip that the patient was born with, including developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). This is a developmental condition seen in infants and children in which the femur partially or completely slips out of the hip socket and becomes dislocated.

Trust Our Hip Specialists

The hip and sports medicine specialists at Spectrum Orthopaedics offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for the hip injuries and conditions listed above.

When surgery is required, our surgeons use the most advanced and least invasive techniques available, including minimally-invasive hip replacement and direct anterior hip replacement surgery.

Contact Spectrum Orthopaedics today for specialized hip care in North Canton, Ohio!

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