Shoulder Injuries & Conditions

Comprehensive Care for Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder joints, or ball-and-socket glenohumeral joints of your shoulders, allow for an extensive range of motion and are the most flexible joints in the body. They give you the ability to lift, carry, throw, or activity that requires the movement of your arm.

However, these joints are prone to dislocation. The complex rotator cuff in your shoulder is particularly sensitive to overuse injury or trauma. The shoulder specialists at Spectrum Orthopaedics can help determine the right course of treatment for your shoulder injury and get you back to enjoying the activities you love.

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Common shoulder injuries & conditions we treat

  • Rotator Cuff Tears - The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. This kind of injury is most commonly a result of overuse and/or repetitive motion of the shoulder.
  • Shoulder Fractures - A fracture of one of the shoulder bones results from trauma or injury to the shoulder from a fall, car accident, or sports injury.
  • Dislocated Shoulder - The shoulder is the body’s most mobile joint, which makes it particularly susceptible to dislocation. This occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of your shoulder socket.
  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome - Also called adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder may occur during the recovery process following a shoulder injury or after a slow buildup of pain and stiffness in the shoulder.
  • Shoulder Arthritis - Arthritis of the shoulder develops as the cartilage inside the shoulder joint wears down and causes friction between the ball and socket.
  • Shoulder Bursitis - Bursitis of the shoulder occurs when the bursa in the shoulder becomes inflamed and filled with fluid. The bursa acts as a cushioning pad between bones and tissue in the shoulder joint.
  • Shoulder Tendonitis - Tendonitis of the shoulder occurs when your rotator cuff and/or biceps tendon becomes inflamed, typically a result of a pinched tendon.

Our shoulder experts treat these injuries and conditions by first performing a comprehensive evaluation of the affected area and ordering diagnostic testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We then use the most innovative and minimally-invasive techniques, including joint injections, cryotherapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and rehabilitation to help eliminate your pain and significantly improve your range of motion.

If physical therapy and other nonsurgical treatments prove insufficient, surgery may be necessary. In that case, our board-certified orthopaedic surgeons are trained and equipped to successfully perform a wide range of surgical procedures including arthroscopic repair, total shoulder replacement for osteoarthritis, and shoulder impingement surgery.

You needn’t let shoulder pain prevent you from enjoying your normal activities. At Spectrum Orthopaedics in North Canton, Ohio, our shoulder specialists can relieve your pain and improve your lifestyle. To learn more, call us at (330) 355-8769 or use the appointment request form on this page.

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