Navio Robotic Surgery

The NAVIO™ Surgical System allows our doctors to perform complex orthopaedic procedures such as partial and total knee replacement with more accuracy, helping improve the function, feel and longevity of the knee implant.

Reclaim your life and your joints with the NAVIO surgical system

Spectrum Orthopaedics is a leader in orthopaedic surgery. We are the only orthopaedic practice in Northeast Ohio that uses the NAVIO Surgical System, making our facility the best option for outpatient knee replacement surgery.

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Total Knee


The NAVIO Surgical System delivers robotics-assisted tools to help tailor your total knee replacement to your unique anatomy.

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Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

The NAVIO Surgical System helps precisely target the damaged areas of your knee while leaving healthy bone and ligaments untouched.

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Here are the main advantages of using the NAVIO Surgical System:

  • Real-time imaging eliminates time, costs and radiation exposure associated with CT imaging. Reduced appointments improves the overall patient experience.
  • Offering the largest knee implant selection on the market for robotics-assisted surgery, NAVIO allows your surgeon to choose the implant that’s right for you.
  • NAVIO with Journey II replicates a natural feeling knee and provides quicker recovery with improved function, leading to higher patient satisfaction.

Our Surgeons Rely on the Accuracy of the NAVIO Surgical System

Skilled surgeons at Spectrum Orthopaedics choose the NAVIO Surgical System because of its accuracy and ability to tailor knee replacements to each patient’s unique anatomy. Learn more about our surgeons who use NAVIO below:

Our Surgeons Rely on the Accuracy of the NAVIO Surgical System

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